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Moving badass female triathletes from T1 to T2 faster, without breaking the bank

Women’s Triathlon Bikes - Do You Need One?

Women are taking the triathlon world by storm. Daniela Ryf, Lucy Charles, Anne Haug, Rinny, Alissa Doehla, and so many more are smashing records and showing what us women are capable of doing in the swim, bike, and run.

Whether you’re new to triathlon or not, you may be searching for a women’s tri bike. Certain brands, like Liv Cycling, tout the benefits of a female-specific bike frame. Women's specific bike frames are designed based on the assumption that women have shorter torsos and longer legs than men. Others don’t believe the physical differences are great enough to require a women specific frame and that bike fits eliminate the problem.

Alissa Doehla

A-Squared Bikes and Female Triathletes

A-Squared Bikes wants to get more people into the sport of triathlon, and growing female participation is certainly part of that. We’re excited to have many top female triathletes on our bikes, including professional triathlete Alissa Doehla. 

Here’s the thing, ladies, we’re not going to insult you by shrinking it and pinking it. You’re a badass triathlete and you deserve a badass tri bike (and road bike, too. Check out the RP). Both our Speed Phreak and RP are in a price range that won’t break the bank, but give you quality features like Shimano 105, Shimano Ultegra, or SRAM components. The RP comes with disc brakes, the hottest feature on the bike market right now. 

The key to a successful “relationship” with any bike is to find the carbon frame that works for you, and then invest in a professional bike fit. While the top tube on a bike frame is fixed, there is plenty of adjustment available in the seat tube and handlebars. And any bike fit will take into account what saddle works best for you (this is unique for everyone!). We go into the specifics on bike fit here.

Our triathlon specific Speed Phreak and the RP can both be upgraded with power meters so you can get those metrics for yourself or your coach. A-Squared ships to anywhere in the United States.