NEWSFLASH: Speed Phreak is Fastest Bike in Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells

The Speed Phreak had the fastest bike split over Canyon and Quintana Roo and for a fraction of the price!

The Reasonable Bike for the Unreasonable Athlete

It's not unreasonable to demand high performance at a reasonable price. The Speed Phreak starts at $1,899 with top of the line speed!

T3 - The Speed Phreak Upgrade Program

The only thing that moves faster than Jan Frodeno and Lionel Sanders is bike technology. There's nothing more frustrating than purchasing a brand new tri bike only to have all the components be outdated within one year.

Now you don't have to feel that frustration any more. Introducing T3 - The Speed Phreak Upgrade Program.

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The Speed Phreak is built with industry proven components from the Shimano Derailleurs to the Vision Aero Bars. This bike is ready to compete, right out of the box.

The Tri Bike That's Changing Everything

Learn about the Speed Phreak!

The Speed Phreak
  • Full Carbon Frame, Fork and Seat Post

    Built from the stiff and durable T700 Carbon Fiber that we all know and love. This stiff and fast frame is ideal for all skill levels.

  • Aero-Stem

    The Speed Phreak Aero Stem will help you cut through those head winds like they're not even there.

  • Drive Train

    The Speed Phreak uses industry leading components to help get you from T1 to T2 faster! Starting with Shimano 105 Derailleurs, and an FSA Omega Crank.

  • Aero-Bars

    Vision is one of the industry leaders in Triathlon Components. That's why we worked so closely with them to find a Aero-Bar that will allow maximum custimization without breaking the bank.


 A2 has one bike: the Speed Phreak. After looking at it in person, I was pretty shocked to discover how well it’s priced. $1,899 for a full bike with a set of training wheels and $2,999 with an extra set of race wheels thrown in. It’s sleek, it’s slippery, it handles as well as a road bike, it’s everything you could want and for literally less than half the price of a comparable frame and groupset combo

"AJ and the team at ASquared not only provided me an exceptional Tri bike, they rejuvenated my energy and excitement for training. My speed phreak is an absolute joy to ride. I look forward to every opportunity I have to get on it and watch my times drop!"

"Upon first unboxing, i quickly realized this was no ordinary TT bike. The frame itself attracts all the eyes as you ride by, and the low price makes this all the more satisfying!" 

A2 produces an amazing bike, at an affordable price. The Speed Phreak is a great bike for all skill levels, perfect for those who want to have a smooth and enjoyable ride whether riding competitively or for pleasure. I have ridden various bikes for the Ironman 70.3 event, from Cervelo to Diamondback, neither of which allows me to move at the same speed as the Speed Phreak. This is a company that truly cares about their product and the consumer. I wish AJ much success in expanding the sport of cycling. 

Easy Returns

Does your Speed Phreak not fit? Not exactly what you wanted? We have a simple return policy!
Contact A2 Bikes

Contact A2 Bikes within 30 days of purchase, we send you a return label.


Affix your return label, and drop it off at your local UPS store.

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