Tested in the Tunnel, for optimal Aero Gains.

*we have no affilliation with the A2 Wind Tunnel, beyond testing the SP and Speed Phreak at their facilities.

Shopping for a performance-driven, premium triathlon or road bike doesn't have to break the bank.

A2 Bikes is here with an incredible solution: our RP and SP models are two of the best in their class, offering a combination of speed, adjustability in position, and affordability.

With A2 Bikes, you get top-notch quality without having to shell out exorbitant amounts - don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve!

How do we achieve this? By streamlining our operations and going factory direct for you. Navigating the cycling industry supply chain, carbon fiber factories, and imports is a complicated and logistical nightmare. But, we know how to untangle that mess. Our dedicated and experienced A2 Team deals with the headache of designing your bike from scratch, sourcing premium factories, performing testing and QC to ensure your bike is safe, and ultimately assembling and delivering your new premium performance road/tri bike to your door.

Don't worry; we've got your back (and your bike).


AJ Alley, Founder - A2 Bikes

The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival
The RP1 - SRAM Rival

The RP1 - SRAM Rival

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Introducing the SP

The past 6 years of development culminate in the newest offering from A-Squared Bikes, The SP.

We've integrated every piece of feedback from you, our customers, into our newest triathlon bike. It pushes limits in every way, from it's hyper adjustable front end allowing you to find the best fit, to an even more aerodynamic frame than the Speed Phreak, with the addition of modern disc brakes, this is our best bike yet.

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A2 Bikes

The SP and RP are a pair that can't be beat.

We make cycling more affordable without compromising on quality or performance.

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Our most popular bike yet.

Get your bike in days. A-Squared is fully stocked and ready to assemble and ship your bike! Contact us with any questions!

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