The Most Valuable Person in Triathlon: The Beginner (Triathlete Magazine)
As a newbie triathlete, founder A.J. Alley found the industry severely lacking for affordable options. Today, the A2 Speed Phreak is one of the lowest-cost triathlon bikes available at just under $3,000 — compared to the average triathlete’s bike spend of around $4,500. It’s not nothing, but it’s reasonable for a beginner making their first big tri purchase. That accessible approach helped convince USA Triathlon to sign A2 as its official bike sponsor earlier this year.
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Makers & Manufacturers Awards 2023: A2 Bikes
From Portland Business Journal (November 10, 2023). Click here to read the full article.  What it makes: High-performance bicycles Location: Lake Oswego Number of Oregon and southwest Washington employees: 5 Top executive: CEO and founder AJ Alley A2 Bikes was founded in 2016 but has since...
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The Best Triathlon Bikes of 2023
Ranging from $3,500 to $17,000, we hands-on review and rate seven of the best triathlon bikes from 2023 and beyond. Written by Chris Foster  We’ve been super busy this spring, riding and reviewing all of the interesting new bikes on...
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