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A2 loves unreasonable athletes because we're unreasonable, too.

 A2 (pronounced "A-Squared") was founded by AJ Alley, a newbie triathlete in search of an affordable tri bike. When he couldn't find one, he asked the same question all triathletes ask at some point: Why are tri bikes so expensive?

To get the answer, he started investigating--first, by calling bike shops, then by reaching out to manufacturers. When he couldn't get a satisfactory answer, he went straight to the source-- Taiwan, where many carbon bike frames are manufactured. While touring factories and discussing the future of cycling with industry leaders, one thing was clear: Triathlon bikes don't have to cost so much.

By working closely with the top names of the triathlon industry, including Shimano, FSA, and Vision Tech USA, Alley was able to design a high-quality carbon-fiber triathlon bike at a low price point. The A2 Speed Phreak has taken the triathlon world by storm, gaining the respect of unconventional triathletes everywhere. in 2018 Lava Magazine named it "a solid starter bike capable of putting its dukes up against the Cervelos of the world."

To help athletes save even more money, A2 streamlines the purchasing process by selling directly to the customer. In addition to avoiding mark-ups associated with selling through third parties, the direct-to-consumer model allows for individualized advice and unparalleled customer service from A2 representatives.

To make A2 bikes even more accessible for the everyday triathlete, Alley developed the T3 Speed Phreak Upgrade Program, which allows triathletes to make low monthly payments toward their Speed Phreak. At the conclusion of the 18-month lease, during which the athletes can ride and race their Speed Phreak as much as they desire, the T3 program allows for the option of purchasing the bike outright, or trading in their current Speed Phreak for an upgraded model.

Performance, quality, and satisfaction in an affordable tri bike - What's so unreasonable about that?