AJ Alley, Founder & CEO

AJ grew up in the Portland suburbs where he met his future wife, just before junior prom. After high school, he headed east to Purdue University to study History. Realizing that he missed the PNW too much, he headed back to Oregon to pursue a Law Degree from Willamette University College of Law.

He's a lifelong learner, so on top of running A2, parenting a growing family, and training for triathlons, he went back to school to pursue an Executive MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. 

When AJ's not studying, working, or training, he spends as much time as possible with his wife and three sons, whether it be skiing on Mt. Hood or exploring the Oregon coast. If he find a few extra moments, AJ fills that time with reading. Some of his all-time favorite books are Shoe Dog, David and Goliath, Outliers, Moneyball, Relentless, Winning, Ride of a Lifetime, Steve Jobs and Iron War. Each book has taught him a lesson on how to be an effective entrepreneur, father, and athlete. 

Brandon Smith, Head Mechanic

Brandon has been cycling for over 20 years and has done every type of riding you can imagine - from commuting, road racing, mountain bike racing, cyclocross, downhill, touring, Xterra, gravel, Gran Fondos, Hill Climb TTs and even track racing. 

He's done just about every job in the industry you can imagine - fitting, coaching, sales, racing, managing, wrenching, marketing, media, modeling (yikes) and so much more. He even owned a pedicab (bicycle taxi) company in Austin Texas for 5 years!

"I've found my home at A2 where I get to use a little bit of all of my skills to build, design, and ultimately deliver a great product to our customers that I truly stand behind." 

(Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Panda - keep reading!)

Megan Tuncer, Marketing

Megan is a former soccer player and current triathlete who specializes in the half and full distances. When not racing triathlon, you'll see her in the occasional bike race and ultramarathon.

She came to Portland after growing up in the DC area and attending the University of Maryland where she raced club triathlon and studied science communications.

Megan previously worked for Feisty Media and is passionate about furthering women's sports - in the endurance world and beyond.

Darren Scorsur, Content creation

Darren is a passionate filmmaker and photographer originally from the Bay Area. He loves working with others and telling stories via visual media. He usually has a camera with him at all times.

He graduated from the University of Portland where he studied business marketing. He's also an athlete as well, starting from the world of running - completing 3 marathons in two different countries - and is now exploring the world of road cycling as his next endeavor. 

Panda Smith, "personality hire"

Panda is Brandon's 1 year old German Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix, and the A2 team absolutely loves when she's in the office "helping." Her favorite tasks are stealing packing supplies when we aren't looking, greeting delivery drivers, getting zoomies and putting on the daily office comedy show.

When she isn't in the office, she enjoys begging for human food, chewing sticks, playing fetch and rolling around for belly scratches.