A2 Rogue All-Road


Inspired by the undying spirit of the Pacific Northwest and the cascading beauty of the Rogue River, this bike offers versatility like none other. From the twists and turns of mountain roads to the raw challenge of backroad gravel, The Rogue adapts effortlessly. Its prowess isn’t just limited to natural terrains; it's also a beacon of efficiency in city commutes.

With increased tire clearance up to 35mm. The Rogue promises a ride that's both dynamic and dependable.

Be prepared for the any adventure ahead with one bike to rule them all.

Conquer the pavement


Available in 1x or 2x mechanical and electronic builds.

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Designed with the help of Kevin Quan Studios, the Rogue utilizes a more endurance-focused frame for all-day comfort. At 950g (M) frame weight, you'll fly up hills and conquer crits.


The Rogue uses wind tunnel-tested features from our SP triathlon bike so you don't have to choose between aerodynamics and comfort.


Increased clearance allows tires up to 35mm, giving you the flexibility to ride on the pavement...or the road less travelled. Plus, the universal derailleur hanger (UDH) makes repairing any off-road bumps even easier.

Conquer Off Road

Take the Road Less Travelled

When the road gets rough or the pavement ends, The Rogue is ready. One bike, endless adventure.

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