A2 Speed Phreak (Shimano Ultegra Build) – High-Performance Tri-Bike

A2 Speed Phreak (Shimano Ultegra Build) – High-Performance Tri-Bike

Gadgetgram did an in-depth review of the Speed Phreak in March 2021.

Speed Phreak frame specs

Any experienced triathlete knows just how hard and expensive it can be to find a high-quality and versatile tri-bike that perfectly fits your needs, especially when trying to get one at a reasonable price. Not so long ago, first-time triathletes in search of an affordable tri-bike were highly likely to only be able to find expensive tri-bikes available for purchase. However, thanks to the folks at A2 Bikes (pronounced “A-Squared” Bikes), both beginner and already established professional triathletes can now have an inexpensive way of purchasing high-quality tri-bikes that are available at a reasonably low price point. This brings us to the A2 Speed Phreak Tri-Bike.

The A2 Speed Phreak is a high-performance Tri-Bike that’s light, stiff and durable, making it an adaptable ride for a variety of road conditions.

In other words, the Speed Phreak is a high-quality, ultra-durable and extremely-versatile carbon-fiber triathlon bike that is available at an affordable price, and as such, it is changing an entire industry of tri-bikes. The main reason behind the Speed Phreak’s low price point is because of the fact that the company (A2 Bikes) is working closely with the top names of the triathlon industry, which happened thanks to its partnerships with Shimano, FSA, and Vision Tech USA.

That’s exactly what allowed A2 Bikes’ founder AJ Alley to design a high-quality carbon-fiber triathlon bike that’s available for all triathletes, no matter if they’re still triathlon beginners or already established triathletes.

Overall, the Speed Phreak proves that triathletes don’t need to spend $10,000 to have a top-of-the-line Tri-Bike for their triathlon practice-races and competitions. In fact, the Speed Phreak can be yours for as little as $114 a month (with Affirm Financing – more on that at the end of the article).

Whether you’re looking for an affordable Tri-Bike for your first triathlon or a high-performance rig to race for the top step of the podium, the Speed Phreak is the answer. Now, let’s have a more detailed look at this awesome tri-bike, shall we?


Starting with the bike’s design, the A2 Speed Phreak Tri-Bike features a sleek and and ultra-durable construction throughout its entire body, with its black body giving the whole tri-bike a very minimalist and extremely pleasing look, speaking both aesthetically and functionality-wise.

What makes the Speed Phreak’s body so durable is none other than its T700 Carbon Fiber Frame, for which you can find all of its different specs on its informational sheet image, which I’ve embedded below. The bike’s frame is also ultra-lightweight, as the whole bike weighs just around 9 lbs.

For its wheels, this awesome tri-bike already comes factory-equipped with a custom 2-wheel set, featuring two Vision Team 30 Aluminum Wheels at its front and back.

Now, right at the center of its back-wheel, we’ll also find a Shimano Ultegra R8000 Front and Rear Derailleur as its dedicated Drivetrain, which also integrates a Shimano Ultegra R8000 Crank and a Shimano BSA BB (Bottom Bracket).

Additionally, the Speed Phreak also integrates a Shimano Ultegra Front and Rear Brake, which are not only very comfortable to grip, but also very smooth to use for breaking the bike, even at the highest speeds you can ever achieve. These two brakes fit the bike’s design quite nicely and are very, very nice to use, as they feature an ergonomic design that perfectly matches your grip during every ride.

Lastly, very close to the bike’s front wheel, we can also find its T10 Integrated Front Fork and its A-Squared Flat Aero Stem, which are designed to offer you one of the best Tri-Bike experiences that you can currently get, thus making the A2 Speed Phreak a very solid entry-level tri-bike for any triathlete, and that goes for whether you’re already an established pro or still a beginner that’s looking to start with triathlon races and competitions.


For the bike’s delivery, I had a company called Kitzuma delivering the bike right to my front door. Kitzuma is a Custom Bike Delivery Service that’s recently new within the bike industry. Still, they are extremely professional in what they do, as they’re focused on delivering high-end bikes from many different brands right to your front door, all in the safest way possible.

Here are a few pictures of how I got my A2 Speed Phreak Tri-Bike delivered to me right at my front, all in a very professional manner, and all without a single scratch. The most amazing part about the bike’s delivery is that the company’s delivery team did this during a very snowy day, with around 12-inches of snow already building up.

My Speed Phreak Tri-Bike came perfectly secured inside their delivery truck’s mounting-brackets, which kept the bike perfectly stable during the entire ride, from its starting point all the way to my front door.

As you can see from the picture above, my Speed Phreak didn’t come with its front-wheel already mounted on it, and that’s obviously because that’s done to facilitate its transportation.

However, I had nothing to worry about when it came to mounting the rest of my Speed Phreak Tri-Bike, as other than their white glove door-to-door delivery service, Kitzuma’s delivery teams also offer their customers a fully assembly process for your delivered bike.

After getting the bike delivered to me in perfect conditions, it was just a matter of testing out the breaks and its overall construction to make sure that all of its components came properly assembled, which they did, as I gladly confirmed after double-checking everything.

As stated earlier, while the bike’s frame is super, super durable, the whole bike is still extremely lightweight (weighing just around 9 lbs.), so you’ll have absolutely no problem moving it around when it comes to getting it in and out of its storage place (a garage, a shed, your home corridor, etc.).

Obviously, I’m no professional triathlete, but I can still say with certainty that any experienced triathlete would love this bike, either as their very first tri-bike, or even as their fourth or fifth tri-bike.


The A2 Speed Phreak is a high-performance Tri-Bike that’s light, stiff and durable, making it an adaptable ride for a variety of road conditions.

Overall, the Speed Phreak is a great entry-level tri-bike for any triathletes out there that are looking to take their tri-cycling game to a whole new level.

It’s ultra-solid frame and overall construction give it a lot of stability during rides, even when pushing yourself to go at the highest possible speeds. While its wheels are of extreme quality and are ensured to endure countless hours of cycling (both for practicing and competing), the bike’s brakes are also very reliable, meaning that they can be used quickly and smoothly, without any concerns whatsoever.

If you’re interested in buying it, each A2 Speed Phreak Tri-Bike (Shimano Ultegra Build) is currently going for $2,799. Best of all, you don’t have to let that price scare you, because, as mentioned earlier, as you can get it for as little as $114 a month (mothly entries start at $175 p/month) with Affirm Financing. You can order yours online right now, directly from A-Squared Bikes’ official shopping page, which you can access via this link.