Makers & Manufacturers Awards 2023: A2 Bikes

Makers & Manufacturers Awards 2023: A2 Bikes

From Portland Business Journal (November 10, 2023). Click here to read the full article. 

What it makes: High-performance bicycles

Location: Lake Oswego

Number of Oregon and southwest Washington employees: 5

Top executive: CEO and founder AJ Alley

A2 Bikes was founded in 2016 but has since moved to the head of the pack for companies making high-performance bicycles for triathlon competitors as well as for everyday cyclists with $1.5 million in sales. In the past year, it has experienced rapid growth, and founder and CEO AJ Alley has secured a major partnership with governing body USA Triathlon to be the official bike partner of the USA Triathlon High-Performance Team.

What were your company's biggest successes in the past year? In 2023, A2 Bikes celebrated a series of remarkable milestones emblematic of our unwavering commitment to the triathlon community. Most notably, our revenue doubled compared to 2022, showcasing our growing influence within the sector. In addition, we were honored with the designation as the Official Bike Partner by USA Triathlon, the national governing authority for the sport. Building upon these successes, and inspired by the rugged beauty of Oregon, we are excited to announce that this winter, we will unveil our newest offering: The Rogue, an adventure road bike that will inspire even more Oregonians to get outside and explore our beautiful state.

What are the biggest challenges facing manufacturers in Oregon? Our industry is still feeling the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic's impact on supply chain.

What is a new product or recent innovation you're proud of and why? A2 Bikes takes immense pride in our team's prowess to conceive, craft, promote, and deliver top-tier road and triathlon bikes without the premium price tag. In 2022, we introduced our flagship triathlon bike, the SP, which earned accolades as one of the standout bikes not just in its debut year, but again in 2023. As we approach Q4 of 2023, we eagerly anticipate the launch of our latest creation: The Rogue, an adventure road bike, aimed at allowing cyclists to have one bike that can tackle any terrain. This represents the culmination of years of meticulous design, rigorous testing, and precision manufacturing, The Rogue epitomizes our commitment to high-caliber performance. Yet, we've remained steadfast in our mission: offering an affordable solution that empowers more cyclists to harness the benefits of fitness and mental well-being

Do you plan to hire in 2024, and what's been your best tool for recruiting and retaining employees? At A2 Bikes, we're perpetually in search of A-team players — and yes, the play on words is intended! Presently, we're seeking dynamic leaders in marketing and sales to shape and execute our corporate strategy. Historically, our most successful hires have emerged from online platforms. We have a particular affinity for individuals who are resilient, fast-moving, and relish challenging the status quo. At A2, we champion individual creativity and agency. Guided by Gen. Patton's wisdom — "Don't tell people how to do something, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with the results" — we empower our team members to excel in their roles.

What is your outlook for the coming year? As we gear up for 2024, A2 Bikes is brimming with energy and a positive outlook. Reflecting on an exemplary 2023, we're eager to elevate our success even further. Our optimism stems from the surging interest in triathlon, road cycling and adventure cycling. An increasing number of people are discovering the profound physical and mental benefits of cycling — the sheer joy of feeling the breeze, exploring the open roads and cherishing camaraderie.

With the upcoming launch of our latest product, The Rogue, we anticipate connecting with an even broader audience. We're confident that The Rogue will captivate the hearts of both our loyal community and new cyclists alike in 2024. Additionally, we're thrilled to announce the continuation of our valued partnership with USA Triathlon throughout the year.

Answers provided by A2 Bikes CEO AJ Alley