Ask a Gear Guru: What’s the Best Bike for Under $2,500?

Ask a Gear Guru: What’s the Best Bike for Under $2,500?

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People ask me all the time, “What’s the best triathlon bike?” This is a tough question because it all depends: Are you the prince of an OPEC country? Well, then get this. Have you qualified for Kona? Well, then get this. Have you ever done a tri before? Well, then get this.

The vast majority of people who ask me about what tri bike to get have done a few races here and there: a few sprints, an Olympic, maybe a 70.3, but are looking to get off their aluminum road bike and into something really geared towards tri. Hence the “best triathlon bike” qualifier. For someone who might be looking to do a few more 70.3s, their first Ironman, or (what I think people should be doing first) getting faster at shorter distances, you can spend more than $2,500, but you don’t necessarily have to anymore. While the $4-$5k range is a great sweet spot—look for that column soon—you can get a ton today without spending as much as a low-end used car (or at least my low-end used car). So without further ado, the best triathlon bikes in 2019 for under $2,500:

Best Triathlon Bikes for Under $2,500: A2 Bikes Speed Phreak

best triathlon bike

$1,900 - Build – Shimano 105 mix

Why it’s one of the best triathlon bikes: Aggressive starter, killer value, direct-to-consumer

We reviewed this one last year in our buyer’s guide, and it was a great category killer: This is the best tri bike for someone who needs an aggressive position and will look at upgrading components later. The big thing with the direct-to-consumer Speed Phreak is actually being honest with yourself—do you need the assistance of a bike shop to fit/build/etc. your bike? Are you good with something that is pretty aggressive, right off the bat? Buying online saves some dough, but if you’re on the newer end of the spectrum, please (please) build in a couple of bucks to get this properly fit at a local shop. From there, the Speed Phreak ends up being one of the best tri bike values on the list.

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