A2 SAGS Stem

A2 SAGS Stem

The A2 SAGS Stem will give you the adjustability that you need to get comfortable and get fast. With our integrated spacers, the stem can be set at 70mm, 90mm or 110mm depending on your reach needs. 

From Triathlete Magazine editor-in-chief Chris Foster regarding front adjustability: "Up front, you won’t find many superbikes that are as adjustable as the SP1.x, and the adjustments are easy and don’t require four hands and carpentry clamps."

The A2 SAGS Stem is compatible with the Speed Phreak and the SP. In order for the original Speed Phreak to accommodate the SAGS Stem, a new fork is required. If you need the Speed Phreak Conversion Kit, please select it below.

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  • Low Friction Fast Turnaround
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