Speed Phreak Trade In Program

Affordable Tri Bike, A2 Bikes, SP1.3

Interested in getting a new SP? Awesome! We want to help you make this process as easy as possible so you can take advantage of the all new technology and geometry of A2 Bike's newest model, the SP.

The SP is the culmination of 6 years of design and testing in the wind tunnel. It has every modern advantage you could ask for, and is still available at a great price.

The SP is priced aggressively to allow you to spend your hard earned money on the other aspects in your life, whether that be your children's soccer practice, car repairs, or even getting a Tri Coach for the upcoming season! A2 is on your side, we know that Triathlon is expensive and time consuming, when you buy from A2 you know you're not only getting a top notch bike, but top notch support as well. We work with you to determine the best bike for your life, whether that is an A2 or something else. Our goal is for you to be happy with your bike, financially, mentally and physically, so that you can stay in the sport that we love, even longer.


Please email us HERE with the following information:

Pictures of:

  • The Drive Side of the Bike
  • The Non-Drive Side of the Bike
  • Any damage/wear and tear
Have you ever flown with the bike? Could you estimate how many miles it has on it? What year did you purchase? Did you pay through the T3 Upgrade program, or purchase outright?