We Compare Triathlon Bikes - Speed Phreak vs. Quintana Roo & Canyon

We Compare Triathlon Bikes - Speed Phreak vs. Quintana Roo & Canyon

That’s right - we’re doing a head-to-head comparison of the A-Squared Speed Phreak with the Quintana Roo PRFOUR and the Canyon Speedmax CF 7.0.

Why? We know what it’s like as a beginner triathlete or even a cost-sensitive triathlete (we call ourselves “unreasonable” triathletes). We want the best quality carbon frame, the most aerodynamic cockpit setup, the lightest components, and we want to go FAST, but we don’t want to break the bank.

That’s understandable - and that’s exactly why A-Squared Bikes was founded. Our mission is to design the best triathlon bikes for the best price. Our bikes are designed to get you in that aero position and deliver you from T1 to T2 in the fastest time possible. Our focus is on value, and on breaking down the price barriers preventing people from joining our sport.

Tri Bike Comparison

The Speed Phreak is a great entry level TT bike, but has also raced at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona. Our base level setup starts with Shimano 105, with upgrade options like Shimano Ultegra. We use Vision TriMax base bars with an upgrade option to the carbon TriMax bars. Both the Speed Phreak and Speedmax come with rim brakes, while Quintana Roo only offers disc brakes. 

When it comes to the bike frame, these time trial bikes have beautifully engineered, full carbon frames. The similarities between the bikes continue with the same Shimano 105 derailleurs and cassette used on all three. The Canyon Speedmax CF 7.0 sticks with the Shimano 105 for the brakes and crank, while the Quintana Roo PRFOUR and the A-Squared Speed Phreak use FSA cranks.

Canyon and Quintana Roo use Profile Design aero bars, while the Speed Phreak comes with Vision TriMax aero bars. See the full spec comparison below.

Quintana Roo PRFOUR Canyon Speedmax CF 7.0 A-Squared Speed Phreak
Frame Quintana Roo PRFOUR Canyon Speedmax CF 7.0 A-Squared Speed Phreak
Brakes TRP Spyre (DISC) Shimano 105 Tektro R741
Crank FSA Gossamer Pro Shimano 105 FSA Omega Pro
Derailleurs Shimano 105 Shimano 105 Shimano 105
Cassette Shimano 105 Shimano 105 Shimano 105
Aero Bars Profile Design Wing 10A with 35A Extensions Profile Design Subsonic Race Vision TriMax
Wheel Shimano RS170 Reynolds AR58 Vision Team 30
Saddle ISM PR 2.0 Fizik Mistica Velo
PRICE $3,149 $3,499 $1,899


So what’s the big distinguishing factor between these 3 entry-level triathlon bikes?

Best Tri Bike Price

By far, the biggest difference in these three tri bikes is the price. Both the Canyon Speedmax CF 7.0 and the Quintana Roo PRFOUR as spec'd cost $3,000 or more. The A-Squared Speed Phreak starts at $1,899.

Triathlon is already an expensive sport. Our race entries cost hundreds of dollars with the added expense of travelling. Our gear can rack up thousands - a bike, shoes, helmet, wetsuit, race kit, etc. Along with the required training, triathlon can be a tough sport to get started in.

At A-Squared, we want to alleviate some of the barrier to entry in our sport by introducing an entry level bike that has true value - the highest quality at an affordable price.

But our relationship with our athletes (we like to call them the A-Team) doesn’t stop with the bike sale. We’ve included upgrade options so that we can grow alongside you in your triathlon journey, from your first race to your first podium to your World Championship qualification!

Check out our T3 leasing program as well as our accessory upgrade options. Looking to up your A-Team cred? You know we have all the A-Squared swag you need.

So which bike will you choose? The PRFOUR, Speedmax CF 7.0, or the always fast, always affordable Speed Phreak?

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