My Race Day Setup - Matt Morabito

My Race Day Setup - Matt Morabito



How do the pros prep and race? A2 Professional Matt Morabito breaks down his race day bike setup for IRONMAN Lake Placid 2023 in Episode 2 of "My Race Day Setup." 

Spec Breakdown

Components: 12-speed R9200 DURA-ACE

Gearing: 52-36 front & 11-30 cassette, which allowed Morabito to more easily spin up the Lake Placid climbs 

Handlebars: Profile Designs WING/20C basebar with 43 ASC extensions 

Bar Tape: Yes, you heard that insider tip correctly - hockey tape! Morabito prefers a very thin tape, and it works well when it's wet. 

Saddle: PRO Aero Fuel

Brakes: TRP Spyre SLC Mechanical Disc, which Morabito chose for easy maintenance when travelling as it's (easier maintenance for travel) 

Rotors: Shimano XTR 

Wheels: 90mm depth with a disc in the back for Lake Placid. When he's not racing with a disc, he also has a 90 in the back to swap in.

Tires: Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR

Race Notes - Fueling

When racing at the professional level, the course is often less congested (note - often but not always guaranteed). As such, Morabito opts to race with fuel given at IRONMAN aid stations including Gatorade Endurance and Maurten Gels. 

Potentially the biggest advantage to this change when the competition gets upped? No middle cages. Less weight, more aero. Instead, Morabito races with the XLAB Torpedo System to keep any hydration that he might need on his bike. 


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