The 7 Best Bikes for Men Who Want to Ride Through 2021 in Style

A2 Speed Phreak

The A2 Speed Phreak was featured in Esquire Magazine's article The 7 Best Bikes for Men Who Want to Ride Through 2021 in StyleFrom the article:

Best Cycling Bike: The Speed Phreak

This bike is fast. Like, freakishly fast. Like, Sonic-on-performance-enhancing-drugs fast. It also looks cool as hell. Let's be honest, that's what cycling is all about: going fast and looking sharp. A bike named the Speed Phreak may seem gimmicky, but we can't even blame it, because that is what it is: a freak of speed. Now, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny, but if you're a serious cyclist, this should come as no surprise. Professional-grade bikes, especially ones with this speed, are things you'll want to drop money on. The Speed Phreak starts at $1,899 and goes up based on assorted bells and whistles, including carbon frame options (as opposed to steel) to make this monster even more lightweight. Is this bike for everyone? No. But for those of you with the skill and the need for speed, it's a killer choice.

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