The Endurance Bike with the Heart of a Aero Bike

The Rogue

Rogue vs. SP, which do you need for your next race?

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An Endurance bike with the heart of an Aero Bike, The Rogue combines comfort and speed

A2 Quality

Whether used for fitness, fun, or to go fast, the Rogue does it all

Assembled in PDX

Hand assembled in our Portland, OR Office

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The Rogue All-Road

— Never Closed —

A2 is always open, so you can shop when it's convenient for you, not the bike shop.

— Versatile —

The Rogue can accomodate tires up to 35mm, so you don't have to choose between pavement and gravel.

Road vs. Tri
Which do you need?

The Rogue: Fitness, Fun, and Fast

The Rogue was designed in partnership with the famed Kevin Quann Designs. While the Rogue is light (950g frame weight), and fast, its versitility is the differentiator from the SP. The Rogue is for the everyday cyclist looking for a bike that can take them from their local Crit, to their sunday group ride (paved or unpaved).

The SP: Dedicated to Tri

The SP is A2 Bikes flagship model. Also designed by the famous Kevin Quan Designs, the SP solves the problem all modern triathletes face: Adjustability of a tri bike. The SP is the most adjustable Tri Bike available, but what does that mean for you? It means you can find your ideal aero position to cut through the wind in your next Triathlon.

This bike is specifically crafted and designed for superior performance in Non-Draft Legal Triathlons.

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